Apr 11, 2011

Infinity Dental

Infinity Dental in Toronto has been up and running for a while now, about time I got my butt there! Doing the branding for this office was a fun project and man the office is P-I-M-P! The warm earth tones definitely dissolves any notion of "Gaah! The dentist! :S". The tiling inside the office is beautiful, really helps to make the space look posh. I'll have to be doing some signage/graphics for the south exposure windows, I think the tiling pattern inside the office will be a good jumping off point. Sorry for the blurry pics, they were taken on my phone.


Letterhead, envelope and appointment card

Reception desk

Indoor signage

Storefront signage


We Love Good Eats!

It's pretty fair to say we are DOWN for any sort of good eats at home. We are always thinking of our next meal, what ingredients we need, what we'll make- we just love food! Why not celebrate this with a hand-made placemat? I thought it would be cool to do a placemat showing a place setting that was filled in with dense doodling featuring all sorts of yummies! Special thanks to my mom for sewing the placemats for me! I'm still working on trying to sew corners (my straight lines aren't exactly all that either :S). Raw muslin, sharpies and some time is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Original Drawing

Spoon, Knife and Fork



Apr 10, 2011

Pure Energy Chargers

I finally ran into these on shelf, pretty cool! The 2 and 4 position RAM (Alkaline) chargers were designed while at PLANT 48. The project was about applying the newly re-designed Pure Energy brand to a variety of other products, aside from batteries. Seeing the package reminded me of GOOD times in the studio :)

Apr 7, 2011

Nani's Yard

Nani has quite the lil garden growing in her yard. One evening when we made chicken curry on the fyah side (outdoor clay stove)- if was a lot of fun! We were picking veg from the garden, prepping it and adding to our meal in moments- it was SO cool. I definitely need to start a small garden here at home. I wish the bananas were ripe enough to eat, but my fave was probably the coconut tree (now only if there was one of those growing outside the Bikram studio....). Nothing beats local organic produce! 

Typeface: Susan

Good Lord! It's been a month since my last post- slacker! So I just got back from Guyana, while there we spent a good chunk of time with my Nani who lives in the rural countryside. May I just say, Nani is pretty freaking cool. She has a little garden where she grows her own fruit and veg and a small chicken coop that supplies her with eggs. Her carbon footprint is so small and she doesn't even know it- if that doesn't deserve a typeface, I dunno what does :)