Nov 29, 2011

Typographic Artwork for lululemon Square One

Through the encouragement of a dear lemon (lululemon educator Crystal), I had an opportunity to create some in store artwork for my local lululemon store at Square One Shopping Centre. The project brief was simple "whatever you want." I'm fairly certain designers, illustrators and creatives alike rarely get an chance to do "whatever" they want, so as you guessed I was all over this!

I took 3 parts of the lulu manifesto (parts I felt any guest could relate to) and illustrated a pattern that represented that particular manifesto piece. I then set the message/content in various styles of hand lettering over the pattern and placed the entire illustration over some old bits of wood I scanned (and had found in the basement- score!). Perhaps the final work can be characterized as a hand drawn digital collage (if that makes any sense).

It was a really great experience to be designing positive and motivational messages. As fun as the illustrations are I do hope the guests (and educators) at the Square One store are able to place some focus on the content, some really great food for thought there! Straight up- extremely fortunate for the opportunity to create work for a company like lulu, I hope there will be more in my future :)  

Pattern 1

Poster 1 Type

Poster 1 Final

Pattern 2

Poster 2 Type

Poster 2 Final

Pattern 3

Poster 3 Type

Poster 3 Final

Final Series

Nov 23, 2011

Six Word Story Every Day

A few weeks ago during a daily visit to Design Sponge, I came across a beautiful home, which belonged to Anne Ulku. I then went to her website (her typography is unreal!) then stumbled upon a website/blog she operates with writer Van Horgen. The blog, Six Word Story Every Day invites creatives to explore language and typography through creating a six word story. The work featured on the website was really diverse and a great reference for type junkies like myself. I knew I had to create my own six word story and today, on November 23rd 2011, my story was featured on the blog! Special shout out to my homegirl Marie and her lovely sugar paper- thank you! This was such a fun project (and a special achievement pour moi), I will definitely continue to create and design six word stories, even if it's just for fun :) Check out my submission! 

"Hard work can't send you backwards."

Nov 18, 2011

To: D – From: Nail

Today is a big day- not for me personally but for Twilight fans across the world, ie. my sister, Davena. In September we made an agreement to exchange cards; she would give me a card for Halloween and I would give her a card for the Breaking Dawn premiere ( don't judge- that's how we roll). Not only did she deliver, but I also got halloween stickers, post-its and a notebook! The pressure was on so I thought a special edition magazine and a hand made card would be an appropriate little pressie. To D and the rest of the Twihards fans, Happy Breaking Dawn! 

Nov 7, 2011

High Tea

Dad's birthday is around the corner (tomorrow) so this passed weekend we celebrated his special day a few days early. He loves his tea, and I mean loves! Growing up we used to have tea every Sunday afternoon, my mom would bake something and we would sit around the kitchen table sipping and chatting. Tea is still made on Sunday afternoons without fail, although we tend to grab our cups and retreat back to whatever is keeping us busy. For his birthday I thought it would be fun to do a High Tea, with an assortment of sweet and savoury goodies. Planning the menu was a lot of fun (there are way too many things to choose from when doing a high tea!) and everything came together quite nicely (I hope Dad thought so too). Now for our feature presentation..... Dad's Birthday, High Tea Style!

Nov 1, 2011

Happy MOVE-ember!

Halloween is officially over and Christmas has begun. If you don't believe me go back to the drugstore you went to yesterday, the isle that had all the Halloween accoutrement has been swifty replaced with all things Christmas. Brace yourself- the days will be getting shorter, darker and colder, however there is hope! Inspired by two of my Irish homefries who have decided to get active for the month of November, I have branded November MOVE-ember. If you're anything like myself, you welcome holiday gluttony with open arms (bad, I know). So instead of simply giving in to all the baked goods to come, why not attempt to change these bad habits and get moving for the month of November. I am doing this challenge 4-for-4 style, meaning my goal is to do something physically active 4 times a week for 4 weeks in a row. I highly recommend you create a similar Move-ember challenge for yourself too! Again, I had to make myself a fun calendar to track my progress, each day that I do something physical is awarded with a sticker (yay!). You are more than welcome to use the calendar as well, if you'd like a hi-res PDF version, shoot me an email. Happy Moving! :)