Feb 24, 2012

lululemon Expansion Series: Part Two

Part Two of the lulu Expansion Series found us at the National Ballet of Canada, where we explored the theme of love through a class lead by Amber Joliat of MISFITSTUDIO. May I say- the venue was awesome. I have never been to a ballet (or even inside a ballet studio), so the only understanding I brought to the space was Black Swan (and no, sadly I did not turn into the black swan during class, boooo). Our practice was accompanied by a small orchestra (composed of only strings), another new experience!

We were all given a heart-shaped piece of paper at the beginning of class to write down our intention for the class and what we think love is/means, I thought that was a nice exercise to begin the practice. In all fairness I did find this class to be a challenge, mainly because it was difficult to hear the instructor's dialog as she wasn't wearing a microphone (mics at part three, please and thank you!). In addition the space had little lighting and the lovely orchestra made it more difficult to hear the instruction- gah! I did my best to remain focused and move through the practice as best as I could. Since it was a smaller venue we were spoiled afterwards with all sorts of treats; chicken/veggie wraps, fruit, veggies, drinks, sweets and this 'heavenly good' chocolate bar, as my friend described it! Part three of the series will be held at......wait for it..... the Design Exchange! The final installment is centered around visions, goals and designing your life. I AM PUMPED!


Feb 21, 2012

Family Day Dinner- West Indian Style

Here in Ontario (and I believe most of Canada), Monday was a holiday- Family Day! What better way to celebrate family than food! Many people asked what I have planned for the long weekend, my response, "Make something fried!" I have had a craving for something fried for some time (perhaps instinctually I felt the need to indulge, since it was the weekend before Carnival ;P), so a day off would be prime time to get my fry on! Family Day dinner was done West Indian style; chicken in de rough (a Guyanese version of fried chicken) with chow mein and some pickled veg. I have no idea how and why fried chicken with chow mein/fried rice became a staple in West Indian cuisine, I am just thankful it did :) Hope everyone had a lovely Fam Day!


Feb 17, 2012

V-Day Cards Roundup

As most of you know I love type, and V-Day was a perfect excuse to do some hand lettering. Contrary to popular belief, you actually don't need to be dating some one or in a relationship to enjoy Valentines Day (say whaaaaaat!? I'll give you a moment to get back up off the floor). Love exists in many forms- let's celebrate that through handmade cards.

Feb 10, 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012

Last year I participated in Sketchbook Project 2011 and had so much fun that I decided to participate again this year. Sketchbook Project 2012 is going global, with exhibitions in the US, Canada, Australia and England (tour dates and cities here). Some friends of mine also participated, so be sure to check out Marie O'Riordan, Martin Whelan, Iffat Jokhio and Rob Jelinski's work, they are AMAZINGLY talented! I encourage everybody (yes YOU non-creatives) to get involved in Art House Co-op projects, it is such a supportive community to be a part of a great outlet to let loose and have some good ol' creative fun :) I am also participating in Sketchbook Project Limited Edition, details on that to come later. Below is my 2012 Sketchbook, enjoy!

my theme

Canada <3

lock the knee

lyrics from 

gooey space monsters

lyrics from 

chicken little gets pissed

(social) media literacy

Feb 7, 2012

lululemon Expansion Series: Part One

In January I participated in part one of a three part yoga series being put on by lululemon and iam yoga here in Toronto. Part one was done at the Royal Ontario Museum (which by the way is a pretty amazing space to practice yoga!). The class was lead by Linda Malone and with over 500 yogis participating I knew this would definitely be an experience. The focus of the class was Grounding: Finding comfort in discomfort. Linda explained although certain postures may be uncomfortable, embrace them and embrace the feeling. I really liked that theme and could definitely relate. Finding control, presence and breath while in a difficult posture with your heart pounding and legs trembling does call for a degree of determination and focus- something we can definitely take with us off the mat. I have never practiced with so many other people before and it was a really special experience. Looking forward to part two of the expansion series at That National Ballet of Canada next week!