Feb 14, 2011

MOH Poster

How many physicians might Ontario need in the future? Thanks to the Ontario Population Needs-Based Physician Model, we can get a fairly accurate idea. This piece explains how statistical data and simulation modelling are used to estimate the need for certain physicians in relation to population health needs. The audience for this poster was mainly made up of physicians, so I wanted to make simple references to their daily work; cream folder/tabs, script fonts, hightlights and notations. I would like to think that a poster means the audience has a few extra moments to spare, so the modules and graphs were a bit more on the visual side (and non-Xecel, yeeesh!). I learned a lot about a topic I would otherwise have no freaking clue about- I enjoyed that most about this project. The 4 x 6 foot poster was presented at the American Association of Medical Colleges Conference in Washington, DC. 

Full Poster


Feb 7, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

In November of 2010, I decided to enter The Sketchbook Project. Basically, you register to receive a sketchbook, choose from a list of themes, fill your book up with whatever you like and mail it back. The books are collected and then go on tour across the US for a few months. Finally, the books are entered into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library, where they are barcoded and available for public view (cool!). Again, no computer = GOOD TIMES! Here is a cross section of my sketchbook, if you want to see the entire book- betta get yoself to Brooklyn ;) 

My theme: Below The Surface

From Machel Montano's Heart of a Man

Don't Hate, Appreciate

I think I watch too much Golden Girls (A-ok with me!)

"I just want to be perfect."


Psychopath or Psycho Pat?

Midnight Robber

Random doodling



I tellin' Saysay, not tuh play wid fyah....

As Canadians we make a lot of change, both figuratively and literally :D

Also the national bird of Guyana, holla!

As if you guys didn't know...

Pantene Pro-Sea

Good to know.



Bikram has got me thinking about my insides a lot...

Cause Darwin is just so cool

Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge Calendar

I decided to begin this year with a 30 day Bikram challenge in an attempt to simply toughen up. Naturally, I wanted to make my own calendar to track my progress and keep me motivated. A while back at Red Tree, while in tulandandasana (balancing stick pose) Vesna said, "transformation is happening, blink and you will miss it." I thought it was quite powerful, and that line stayed with me for a while, it was only appropriate that I used it for the calendar. I chose trikonasana (triangle pose) to break up the tiling of the quote because we all know it's the 'master posture' (not to mention a heart attack and a half when you release, good god!). Thank you to all the instructors, yogis and yoginis at Red Tree and BYM, definitely could not have done it without your dialog, encouragement and positive energy!


Original sketch

"Blink..." line adjusted for tiling

Sketch 2

Scanned and retraced in Illustrator

Dates and Numbers- sketch

Dates and Numbers- scanned and retraced in Illustrator

Let's note 30 days in a row can be accounted for- holla! (and no doubles, phew!!).  Completing this challenge was a great accomplishment for myself (not to mention my mind and body- I feel VERY different from when I first started). All in all, YEAH BOI!!!!!

Screen Printing Workshop

I took a one-day screen printing class at The Living Arts Centre with my friend Vanessa. In this workshop we used the touche resist method of screen printing as opposed to the commonly used photo emulsion technique. We created imagery/graphics, placed the screen over our images and 'traced' them onto the screen using a specific type of ink. This was my first attempt at screen printing and I loved it, really want to try to photo emulsion technique now!
You know it's the truth!

Image 1: Rough sketch

Screen with image printed onto pillow case

Pillow Case! Ideally the image should be a lot larger/take up more surface area on the pillow case, however, this was my first time, so leave me alone :P

Image 2: Rough sketch

Type is Hype tote bag

Type is Hype graphic t


Just some random cards...

Feb 6, 2011

Have We Met? Illustrations

I had the pleasure of illustrating a seven part short story for online magazine, Hardly. This project was so much fun, nothing like pencils, paper and being off the computer! "Have We Met?" written by James Grainger, is a doppelganger story of mystery, intrigue and suspense. Check it out;
Halloween Iconography
Part One: The Dream
Part Two: Queen of Cruel
Part Three: Power Trip
Part Four: Mirror, Mirror

Part Five: The Hot Date

Part Six: The Doppelganger

Part Seven: The Showdown