Mar 22, 2012

Threadless + The Gap

I am trying to participate in Threadless challenges more this year (can you tell?). They had yet another great collaboration with The Gap where a number of winning submissions will be sold on Threadless AND at The Gap (what great exposure!). The theme behind this challenge was to create an iconic t-shirt, immediately I new I wanted to do something typographic. I have been hearing the phrase "Kindness is the New Currency" here and there and when I read about the challenge that was the first thing that came to mind. For a while now I have wanted to do a type treatment using script with lots of ligatures/flourishes and I finally got it done! I am quite pleased with the execution of this one if I do say so myself :D If you like my submission, please vote for it here!

Mar 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Lunch

St. Patrick's day fell on a Saturday this year, which meant I had the time to prepare some Irish fare before the revelry began. I asked my Irish homefry Marie for an authentic dish, and she sent on some info about Irish coddle. The recipe and technique was quite simple- veg baked with sausage AND bacon? I'm down. Although our family tends to like things on the saucy side, the broth we used in the recipe mixed with the starch from the potatoes and turned into a light gravy, which we spooned over top. The coddle was quite yummy, a great comfort food dish. This St. Paddy's day was extra special for me, mainly because I got to spend some good time with my Irish friends who have been living in TO for the past two years. Let's also note the Siege of Ennis is a little difficult, (especially if you have a couple drinks in you) but a good laugh nonetheless. Thanks so much for having us over Irish homefries! We Canucks had a grand ol' time :)

Mar 15, 2012

Threadless + Whole Planet Foundation

Threadless had a great design challenge where they partnered up with Whole Planet Foundation, a charity that is part of Whole Foods. Basically what happens is microloans are given to women in communities where Whole Foods products are sourced. Those women use the microloans for their local businesses, ultimately lifting themselves (and their communities) out of poverty. Before I started drawing I read some stories about the women who received the microloans, it is truly amazing how their lives can be changed with the purchase of simple things like goat or even a refrigerator. I wanted my concept to show how the process of how the microloans help women and their communities (infographic doodles are fun fun!). If you like my concept, PLEASE vote for it here!

Mar 6, 2012

Finally on Twitter!

Success! After much loafting I have finally joined Twitter! I know some of you are yawning since you have been tweeting for years (?) now, but this is a big deal for yours truly. As a creative I feel social media platforms are super important as a means to get your name, ideas and work out in the public sphere (for free!). It is incredible how we are all connected now though these same platforms, sharing thoughts and ideas from any corner of the globe happens instantly (a double edged sword, but let's use it for good!). I think a good rule of thumb is to encourage/support and follow others as a means to build your following (and not simply expect all of Twitter to be following you in a heartbeat). Bare with me as I make my way through the Twittersphere, but more importantly- follow me! @AnilN_Singh

Mar 1, 2012

Congrats Mr. Machel!

Congrats are in order for Mr. Machel Montano who picked up some solid wins this passed Carnival in Trinidad. Machel won Power Soca Monarch for "Pump Yuh Flag" and Groovy Soca Monarch for "Mr. Fete". Apparently the race for Roadmarch was quite close (the 'Roadmarch' is the song that is played/heard the most when masquerading bands pass judging points and cross the big stage on Carnival Tuesday). The race was between Fay-Ann Lyons' "Miss Behave" and Machel's "Pump Yuh Flag" (included the roadmix there), however special shout out to Iwer George who was also a contender with "No Pain" (and man- his riddim was TOUGH!). Fay-Ann did give Machel a run for his money, The Trinidad Guardian reported masqueraders actually dropping on the ground and rolling in FULL costume on the dirty road (laaaaaawd ah mercy!). However when all was said and done, Machel won Roadmarch for 2012 Carnival. He also won this title last year, let's see if he can do a Roadmarch hattrick for 2013 :) Congrats Machel!