Jun 14, 2011

Gallery 1313 Anniversary Wordmark

Gallery 1313 is a Toronto-based, artist-run gallery exhibiting local, national and international contemporary art. The not-for-profit organization is celebrating their 13th anniversary, holla! The lovely (and incredibly talented) Natalie Castellino is on the board of directors and invited me to create an anniversary wordmark for the gallery. I was quite flattered to say the least and very excited about this project! The gallery's mission is to "promote creativity, learning and growth in the careers of artists, and to inspire passion and appreciation for arts and culture in the public." I definitely wanted to create something that was custom, visual and expressive, but also celebratory and fun. Natalie explained the board was having trouble choosing between the concepts I presented so they picked two, cool! Check out Gallery 1313, and fosholy check out Natalie's work as well. Happy Anniversary Gallery 1313!

Existing Logo

Gallery- building reference

Concept- Celebratory

Celebratory Concept- Final

Concept- Graphic/Iconic

Graphic/Iconic Concept- Final

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