Jun 1, 2011

RM&R Wordmark and Poster

RM&R (Resource Matching and Referral) is an electronic tool that allows for the matching of patients to appropriate clinical programs and the electronic transfer of patient referrals (ie. no paper!). RM&R is currently in effect at a cluster of Toronto hospitals and is working to create change within the health care industry by improving communication between the health care sectors and health care providers to make the patient's journey through the continuum of care as efficient and seamless as possible. I had the pleasure of working with the RM&R program team in the Shared Information Management Services department at the University Health Network to create a wordmark for the new tool as well as a oversized poster (wow, and now we know why the health care industry runs on acronyms!). It was a good challenge and a welcomed change to put on the Info Design hat! My main concern was for the end user (conference attendees) to be able understand RM&R fairly quickly and easily. I hope there is more opportunity to work with the RM&R team in the future, it was a great project! The 4 foot x 8 foot poster was presented at the eHealth Conference held in Toronto, Ontario.



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