Oct 25, 2011

Hand-made Gift!

Have you ever received a gift made by hand? With daily life, work schedules, yoga, freelance, social obligations etc. it's difficult to find the time to make something by hand, much less give that special something as a gift to some one else. However, on the seemingly rare occasion you do get a hand-made gift, it's difficult to put into words how special it makes you feel. My good friend Miss Molly (aka C) has been crocheting like a mofo, and has been sending me lovely pics throughout her yarn-filled journey. She decided her next project would be a scarf for yours truly, and MAN did she deliver! I have never had anything actually made for me before, so this was an extremely special experience! In a world where gift cards are so readily available (and oh so usable!) I think we should consider hand-made gifts more, the thoughtfulness factor is through the roof! The act of her using her down time to create something for me means more to me than the actual scarf itself :)  I love my scarf and will treasure it for ever! Thank you so much C- you're awesome!


  1. Such a cool pic and type combo! Unreal scarf aswell! :)

  2. I don't even know what to say - You're welcome!! I will admit this was my FIRST attempt at a scarf and I was happy to make it for someone who does so much for others! I will say though that the photograph does much justice :p