Oct 4, 2011

A Power Yoga Session

Last night with the help of a friend, I tried my very first heated power yoga class at Power Yoga Canada (the Clarkson studio). It was a really different experience from Bikram (but good different!). While chatting with my friend before class started I couldn't help but look around at the studio; there were no mirrors, there were windows, music was playing and the hot room was draped off with fabric (which made the space feel quite serene). There were blocks and straps to one side of the room which are used for additional support in certain postures (a BIG diff for me since we only use heat and our body in Bikram) and the smell of burning incense from the reception area scented the space. Class started with deep breathing, three Om's and we were off to the races. Although the room did not feel as hot as it does in Bikram, I was a dripping wet mess in no time at all! It was QUITE a different experience moving from posture to posture with no rest or savasana in between. Since I was a first timer it would have been nice for more dialog/guidance in and out of postures but overall I really enjoyed the experience. Although I am a Bikram'er for life, I definitely want to experience different classes and types of practices in an attempt to become an informed yogi, let's hope there are more alternative sessions to come in the future! Namaste :)

This type treatment was inspired by the 'flow' aspect of the practice

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