Nov 29, 2011

Typographic Artwork for lululemon Square One

Through the encouragement of a dear lemon (lululemon educator Crystal), I had an opportunity to create some in store artwork for my local lululemon store at Square One Shopping Centre. The project brief was simple "whatever you want." I'm fairly certain designers, illustrators and creatives alike rarely get an chance to do "whatever" they want, so as you guessed I was all over this!

I took 3 parts of the lulu manifesto (parts I felt any guest could relate to) and illustrated a pattern that represented that particular manifesto piece. I then set the message/content in various styles of hand lettering over the pattern and placed the entire illustration over some old bits of wood I scanned (and had found in the basement- score!). Perhaps the final work can be characterized as a hand drawn digital collage (if that makes any sense).

It was a really great experience to be designing positive and motivational messages. As fun as the illustrations are I do hope the guests (and educators) at the Square One store are able to place some focus on the content, some really great food for thought there! Straight up- extremely fortunate for the opportunity to create work for a company like lulu, I hope there will be more in my future :)  

Pattern 1

Poster 1 Type

Poster 1 Final

Pattern 2

Poster 2 Type

Poster 2 Final

Pattern 3

Poster 3 Type

Poster 3 Final

Final Series

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  1. Great work! So inspiring! keep it up :) you should totally be working for lululemon! :)