Jan 10, 2012

Holiday Baking Recap

Much of the holidays were spent in the kitchen, baking- just how I like it! Below is a collection of goodies I made throughout the break (thanks to Mom for your help with the Pine tarts!). Like last year I didn't buy any gifts for friends, rather they received a tin of home-made baking. While I was putting the tins together, my dad explained how his parents did the same home-made gift giving during Christmas with baked goods, sweets and fruit. It felt so great to hear that, I also felt like I was maintaining some sort of tradition and hearing that definitely made me feel connected to my grandparents. No, I did not make any attempt to healthy-up these baked goods- we only eat them once a year so why not enjoy white flour and sugar in all their glory? :D

Spiced Shortbread: nutmeg, cinnamon, mace, vanilla

Caribbean Bar: shortbread base, pine apple, coconut, cherries, rum

Banoffee Pie: digestive cookie base, condensed milk, bananas, cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie: semi sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla

Mint Bar: butter, chocolate, mint

Nanaimo Bar: butter, chocolate, custard

Savory Cookies: black pepper, aged cheddar, pickled jalapenos

Cupcakes: buttermilk, vanilla, toasted coconut

White Chocolate Chip Cookies: white chocolate, coconut, vanilla

Brownies: lots of chocolate!

Pine Tart: flaky pastry shell, pineapple, spice

Patties: chicken, thyme, scotch bonnet pepper

Thimble Cookies: butter, almonds, raspberry jam 


  1. I may have to steal this tradition for this christmas if u don't mind :)

  2. Steal away Amma :) We should do a cookie swap next year!

  3. Anil, I totally agree with you: ...we only eat them once a year so why not enjoy white flour and sugar in all their glory?

  4. D-Lish!!! so yummy I can't wait til next christmas :D