Feb 7, 2011

Screen Printing Workshop

I took a one-day screen printing class at The Living Arts Centre with my friend Vanessa. In this workshop we used the touche resist method of screen printing as opposed to the commonly used photo emulsion technique. We created imagery/graphics, placed the screen over our images and 'traced' them onto the screen using a specific type of ink. This was my first attempt at screen printing and I loved it, really want to try to photo emulsion technique now!
You know it's the truth!

Image 1: Rough sketch

Screen with image printed onto pillow case

Pillow Case! Ideally the image should be a lot larger/take up more surface area on the pillow case, however, this was my first time, so leave me alone :P

Image 2: Rough sketch

Type is Hype tote bag

Type is Hype graphic t

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