Feb 7, 2011

Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge Calendar

I decided to begin this year with a 30 day Bikram challenge in an attempt to simply toughen up. Naturally, I wanted to make my own calendar to track my progress and keep me motivated. A while back at Red Tree, while in tulandandasana (balancing stick pose) Vesna said, "transformation is happening, blink and you will miss it." I thought it was quite powerful, and that line stayed with me for a while, it was only appropriate that I used it for the calendar. I chose trikonasana (triangle pose) to break up the tiling of the quote because we all know it's the 'master posture' (not to mention a heart attack and a half when you release, good god!). Thank you to all the instructors, yogis and yoginis at Red Tree and BYM, definitely could not have done it without your dialog, encouragement and positive energy!


Original sketch

"Blink..." line adjusted for tiling

Sketch 2

Scanned and retraced in Illustrator

Dates and Numbers- sketch

Dates and Numbers- scanned and retraced in Illustrator

Let's note 30 days in a row can be accounted for- holla! (and no doubles, phew!!).  Completing this challenge was a great accomplishment for myself (not to mention my mind and body- I feel VERY different from when I first started). All in all, YEAH BOI!!!!!

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