May 9, 2011

Fo ma Mama

It was Mother's Day yesterday however our fam did mother's day on Saturday, where we had brunch, but for lunch! Mom is QUITE a healthy eater, so despite my junky tendencies I thought it would be best to make 'light and healthy' the theme of the brunch (with a few rich indulgences here and there). Yet again the lululemon blog was oh so handy, and suggested Eggs Benedict as a posh (but do-able) brunch main. I would have had no trouble baking a cake and smothering it in an inch of icing, but that's not mom's style. Instead- we have a pavlova! It was my first attempt at making a pavlova (hence the effed up edges) but MAN it was so good, a great desert for the warmer months ahead. I think brunch for lunch came together quite nicely, I hope Mom thought so too!


Smoked salmon with chives, capers, onion, lemon and fleur de sel

Apple pecan muffins

Bacon, but baked!

Eggs Benny with heart-healthy hollandaise

The spread (with arugula and heirloom tomato salad, finished with parm)


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