May 27, 2011

A Random Online Encounter

On Tuesday I was feeling a little blah and decided to search online for some inspiration and motivation. I began on the lulu blog (naturally) and read a post entitled "Love Your Failures" from September 2010. Matthew Corker was the writer of that post so I had to check out his website/blog, and let me tell you I was SO glad I did. His writing and posts are filled with nuggets of inspiration, perspective and brilliance more or less. One post in particular really got me, "Living My Life Free From The Past." The post explained his personal journey on taking control and ownership over his past, which was leading/lead him to a newly liberated future. The posting was honest, vulnerable, human and made me feel SO good, my heart smiled as I read his words. I decided that I had to create a type treatment with one line in particular that I felt was very powerful. Again, this was another exercise in moving mediation; feel the meaning, draw the type and just go with it. DEFINITELY check out his website, Thanks Matthew, you're AWESOME! Keep the inspiration and forward thinking coming!

Hand Type and Photo

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