May 23, 2011

Mixed Flo Yoga at LuluSQ1

This holiday Sunday I tried my very first community yoga class at lululemon Square One and it was quite an enjoyable experience :) In addition to the instructors, there was a guy playing music (mainly the drums) which was pretty cool and different! The goal was to connect our breath while in postures, to the rhythm of the music. I found the addition of some sort of rhythm helped to remove the thinky- brain and get the yogi-brain going a lot more, in a weird way the music helped to create focus. I'm not sure if it's because I practice Bikram, but 10 minutes in and I was pretty soaked! Yikes to those around me (who's brows got a little dewy, while I was the gross sweaty guy :S). I would definitely recommend people giving one of these classes a try, it exposes you to different forms of yoga practice (and....did I mention it's free?!). It is pretty awesome that there is available access to health and wellness right in our own communities, well done lululemon! I will be going next week as well, Lisa from BYM is teaching, holla!

On a side note, I'm trying to be more sincere with the aspect of 'moving mediation' while practising- just letting MY mind go, and following the dialogue without thinking/hesitating. It is TOUGH to say the least, but I'm gonna stick with it! This illustration was an exercise in moving mediation applied to design: creating something, seeing where it takes you and not thinking about it! Now, to apply similar principles in the hot room...

Mixed Media Collage

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