Mar 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Lunch

St. Patrick's day fell on a Saturday this year, which meant I had the time to prepare some Irish fare before the revelry began. I asked my Irish homefry Marie for an authentic dish, and she sent on some info about Irish coddle. The recipe and technique was quite simple- veg baked with sausage AND bacon? I'm down. Although our family tends to like things on the saucy side, the broth we used in the recipe mixed with the starch from the potatoes and turned into a light gravy, which we spooned over top. The coddle was quite yummy, a great comfort food dish. This St. Paddy's day was extra special for me, mainly because I got to spend some good time with my Irish friends who have been living in TO for the past two years. Let's also note the Siege of Ennis is a little difficult, (especially if you have a couple drinks in you) but a good laugh nonetheless. Thanks so much for having us over Irish homefries! We Canucks had a grand ol' time :)

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