Mar 6, 2012

Finally on Twitter!

Success! After much loafting I have finally joined Twitter! I know some of you are yawning since you have been tweeting for years (?) now, but this is a big deal for yours truly. As a creative I feel social media platforms are super important as a means to get your name, ideas and work out in the public sphere (for free!). It is incredible how we are all connected now though these same platforms, sharing thoughts and ideas from any corner of the globe happens instantly (a double edged sword, but let's use it for good!). I think a good rule of thumb is to encourage/support and follow others as a means to build your following (and not simply expect all of Twitter to be following you in a heartbeat). Bare with me as I make my way through the Twittersphere, but more importantly- follow me! @AnilN_Singh

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