Jul 8, 2012

DAY 3 | 30 Days of Soca Sketches

Were you told Anansi stories when you were a kid? Anansi is a fictional character that is part of West African and Caribbean folklore. He usually appears as a spider, or a man (or in my case both!). Anansi stories have been on QUITE a journey from Africa to various parts of the Caribbean. At some point Anansi stories came to mean fables or fairy tales, know as Nancy Stories (that is what my grandmother would call them). My friend Amma is from Ghana and can remember being told actual stories about Anansi during her childhood. I think it's pretty cool that this folklore came from West Africa, made it across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and still exists today in many forms :) My depiction of Anansi was drawn in black pen and pencil crayon.


  1. I love it! You know what's cool is my mom has started telling baby J some of the anansi stories that my grandma used to tell me! Sometimes I sit and listen just to bring me back to my childhood... I'll take that over watching treehouse any day :)

  2. Very interesting post. It's great to know we're all so interconnected.