Jul 6, 2012

DAY 1 | 30 Days of Soca Sketches

My goodness! WELL over a month since my last post, tisk tisk :S Lots of transition going on in work and life, which has taken me away from blogging :( No time like the present to jump right back in, and what better way to do so than with some sort of challenge! 30 DAYS OF SOCA SKETCHES starts today (on Facebook and Twitter as well, #30DaysOfSocaSketches). Every day I will be posting a sketch related to Soca or Calypso music, West Indian culture or Carnival. Not only will this help to build better blogging habits, but 30 Days of Soca Sketches will be a fun and enjoyable countdown to Caribana :D (Oops, I mean- Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto). 

Day 1 begins with some positive vibes with lyrics from Nadia Batson's One Island. When I thought about doing this challenge I knew I had to illustrate lyrics from this song (can't get enough of her message!), so why not start with something that is promoting love and togetherness over some seriously groovy vibes. I love Nadia's music and this song in particular, I might have to illustrate another verse, even if it's just for fun :)

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