Jul 10, 2012

DAY 5 | 30 Days of Soca Sketches

In February of 2010 I participated in Trinidad Carnival, a truly special experience I will never forget and can't wait to repeat! Firstly Carnival is just that, an experience, one that you can not put into words. As cliche as it sounds you have to be there and feel it. I think this is what truly makes Carnival an interdisciplinary art form that combines all mediums (music, dance, sculpture/costume, performance etc.) Artists like Peter Minshall and Brian MacFarlane have made such huge contributions to mas and Carnival Art, I am always inspired by their incredibly imaginative work.

The pattern I created is inspired by the Mas indigenous to Trinidad Carnival. Here we have Drunken Sailors, Blue Devils, Bats, Midnight Robbers, Pretty Mas, cow bells, whistles, beer, bottle and spoons, steel pans, peace and love. I created this pattern last year as part of a Threadless Challenge, but HAD to include it for 30 Days of Soca Sketches!


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