Sep 1, 2011

Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

Dearest Cousin Flo (aka Mel) said bon voyage to the Bronx and is spending a week with us here in TO. Like me, she is also a huge carrot cake fan, so we decided that we MUST make time for some carrot cakey goodness during her stay. I remembered I made these carrot cake sandwich cookies a long while back (13 years ago to be exact!) so now was an opportune time to dig up that recipe and get to baking. For some reason we have plenty of vanilla pods around (thanks to Dad and his love for Costco) so I added the seeds of one pod to the icing recipe. These sandwich cookies are over the top delicious! Although a fraud at times, Miss Martha certainly does know her way around the kitchen :)

type treatment + food pic = good times for Anil!

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