Apr 4, 2012

4 x 6 Exchange submission

Art House Co-op has been putting out some great (free!) projects of lately. My co-worker and I have been participating in as many projects as our schedule will allow for, so many fun things to do and so little time! The 4 x 6 Exchange project had participants designing/drawing/illustrating on anything that was kept to the mandatory 4in. x 6in. dimensions. Participants post their submission to Art House Co-op, and in return receive a submission from another participant (hence the exchange). I thought this aspect was pretty cool, once the project is completed all participants have an original physical piece of art from some one they've never met (community- holla!). Below is my submission, I'm trying to do more this year- hopefully I can encourage some one else to do the same. The piece was done with a fine tip pen on wood paper (which I am fosholy going to use more!). I can't wait to receive my exchange in the mail- stay tuned!

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