Apr 13, 2012

Threadless purchase at The Gap

A few weeks ago I wandered into the Gap and was immediately drawn to the awesome in-store Threadless display. I was floored and knew I had to pick up a tshirt to support the collaboration and the lucky (and extremely talented) artists who's creations made it to the sales floor. Choosing my purchase was difficult, but Light Bulb House by Steven Rhodes was the winner. You may have noticed from some of my pattern work (and the blog banner) that I do enjoy a good light bulb, love the form and the connection between light bulbs as a symbol and thoughts/ideas. Please check out Steven's work on his site, his illustrations have a lovely retro aesthetic and his tshirt designs are unreal! (the Bloodsucker illustration is kick-ass). I LOVE MY TSHIRT! Thank you Mr. Rhodes :D


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