Apr 7, 2012

Hot Cross Buns

Happy Easter! Although my family doesn't observe the religious aspect of Easter, traditionally the long weekend meant good eats, hunting for Easter eggs and watching The Ten Commandments with my grandmother. My Dad would tell us stories about how when he was growing up, the beaches in Guyana would be filled with people flying kites during Easter weekend (something I would like to see one day). Having Good Friday off meant I could spend some time in the kitchen. Even though store-bought cross buns find their way into our usual Sunday afternoon tea's at home, I wanted to try making them this year. Naturally Cynthia Nelson's recipe for hot cross buns was my go-to. I have virtually no experience working with yeast so I made sure to meticulously follow her recipe. After all was said and done I was pretty pleased with the result! They are a bit more meatier/denser than the store-bought ones, or maybe I screwed up on something :P Either way they definitely had that cross buns taste and the smell that filled the kitchen was amazing. Thanks for the recipe Cynthia! I definitely have a little more confidence working with yeast now :) Perhaps butterflaps will be next...

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