Apr 3, 2012

A Book Called Forever by Rob Jelinski

Through participating in Art House Co-op's Sketchbook Project, I got the opportunity to connect with Rob Jelinski, an extremely talented artist based in New Jersey. For Sketchbook Project 2012, Rob went above and beyond simply creating a book with a number of sketches (like me, whooops!). He went as far as to create a microsite for his sketchbook, A Book Called Forever which features an original EP, a music list that inspired the work, a read list featuring other artists participating in Sketchbook Project 2012, videos, wallpapers and the list goes on (surf the microsite for yourself). I had the pleasure of creating a hand-lettered type treatment promoting an event that was held this passed Saturday in New Jersey and online, exhibiting some of the work featured in Rob's 2012 Sketchbook. It has been a truly great experience collaborating with Rob so far, he's working really hard to do cross-promotions with other artists which I feel enforces a much needed sense of community on a global scale and is oh so admirable (reeespect man!) Congrats on the success of your first exhibition Rob! Definitely won't be your last :)

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  1. I am always jealous of people with lettering skills because mine are lacking. This looks terrific!